iive decided to juss keep my mouth shut about things that ii really wanna say. no good can come from this, && ii cant really go by what others tell me..((tho id be a fool not to mention it)) here ii am ...mentioning it.."the suffer in silence type" as my mom likes to kall me.. im more hurt then anything..&& ii dont need to ask if its true what ii was told, because what would ii do wiith that type of information.. forgiveness would only make me look say im not trippin would be like saying fire isnt hot... all ii can do is take note..everything comes out eventually.. innocent until proven guilty.. the benefit of the doubt is given.. but the signs of doubt have indeed been noted.. tiime to take a few steps back.. regardless if its true or not..if you really do love someone like you say, you know what situations not to place yourself in. you know what is enough temptation to make you mess ii the only one that believes in self control??...theres no such thing as "caught in the moment"... there shouldn't be any room for moments... everything is placed into a better perspective at least.. how much am ii willing to tolerate??... ii think my tolerance is only enuff until ii feel && look like a fool. this time ive been caught off gaurd, next time, ill see it for myself && there will be no suffering in silence.. just me calling my mom to bail me out of jail.