ii hurt a little less then yesterday.. "i'll love you thru it"..big words. very true words tho.. baby steps i guess. i know the person i was before he came around would be off this entire thing. but the me that i am now, just makes me want to ,love him harder..just with eyes wide open..little things matter.they say alot. ((like away messages and ikon piktures..little kid shyt,..)) love feels like a binding contract when being tested.. people make mistakes..&& i thought forgiveness would make me look weak, i see now that ii look alot stronger for being able to move on from it.. i talked to my dads "little homiie" (from QS)yesterday ... his reaction to my tearfull hello..was "u want him in a box?".. lol .. i thought about if i was really that mad .if i could ever really be that maad.."nah im good, we'll get thru it"..was my answer.. so here ii am.. tryna get thru it.. nervous for tommoro... hope everything in the 4th month feels like the first..