your love is measured by:

what your willing to sacrifice for it. who and what your willing to let go of.  what your willing to change within yourself..only becus it will help not to weaken the love you have gained... not to change who you are, but only your way of thinking. a thinking that is thought of in 2's as appose to the one person state of mind u use to live in.. livid && jaded walk next to eachuther... in the time where mostly silence is appreciated... but rarely followed thru . on nights like these..where the fan blows hot air && my brain feels tights.. my eyes swollen. my nose red.. its in these moments. i hide from my writing. i neglect my journals.. and my blog..and the box of him.. crawling under one sheet topless with warm tears on new pillowcases.. low on energy..ive run out of cheeks to turn.. && shoulders to shrug...shut down dusnt mean im giving up.. just that its not worth the waste of precious words i have to offer in the world. change comes..but in time.. and feelings towards that should be expressed appropriatly.  and love is measured by patience.. whut r u willing to put up with before you are compromising who YOU are. .. love is a continuous lesson it grows and changes with you ..only worry when youve stopped growing..when you become hendered by it.