im sitting in the library currently, waiting on my English 101 class to start.. i took my teperature at work(the day care) before i left, it read .102 .. ii can only imagine what it must be now.. the room is spinning.. i can feel my heart pulsating thru my brain.. my eyes are swollen halfway shut.. and i saound like im 200 pounds heavier not being able to breathe thru my nose, but scared to breathe thru my be smh'n..but im already dizzy. ii kno ii shuld be layin down or sumthin.. but ii cant miss class.well,..i can miss class.... but ii would rather save an absense for something more enjoyable.. 3 hours of class... im finna pray && text thru it...

on a lighter note. my 6 month anniversary is on saturday... hopefully ill be better by then ya?