Michelangelo’s famous statue of David

ii wanna go to the museum ..ii havent been in a loooong while... sculptures like THIS, make me wonder, if these men had theyre EX wives draw becus that little nugget that they ALL seem to have juss is a NO GO. all ii kno, is that is NOT what ii go home to every niight... lol.. not even if its snowwin outside.. ii wish ii knew how to sculpt or draw bodys though.. i pay attention in great detail to his.(my bf..not that guy up there) he has the most beautiful bone structure i have ever seen in life.. especially when he gets maad..and those jaws clench together.YUMMY!! and his back, has the perfect lines i have ever seen, even better then the sculptures in the musuem..he puts them all to shame. and the broadness of his shoulders and the arch in his pelvis... ii cant wait to take this art class next then i have someone to practice on.. with drawing ii mean.. lol