Toniiight... The Spliif .. its back.. && iim ready for it. things like that flow thru my vains.. iit makes me wanna hop on a plain to SF for the weekend meet up wit gabbs && take in an entire new way of living.. The Spliff , The Lacma.. its all apart of who i am, things that represent me.. music && the arts... im excited.

FRIDAY October 2nd
9PM - 1AM
9009 W. Sunset Blvd. LA, CA 90069

THE SPLIFF is back in full effect!
We grabbed a bunch of the illest MC's:

Dre Biggity (UTB Lifestyle) - "Diaper Dandy Mixtape" Available 10/12/09

Pheo. - He's rocked the Spliff stage before and always comes correct!

Gaknew Roxwell - Local LA Mic thrasher

J Bizness - Red Bull Big Tune LA CHAMPION

Stevie Crooks - "Can't Stop The Crooks Mixtape" Available Now!